ACU Faculty of Education and Arts Program Credit Registration

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A Marking fee is payable to ACU

Successful completion of all Modules and Sessions of the CLARITY Learning Suite together with the completion of a PASS Grade 5000 word Reflective Summary essay will provide you with the opportunity to apply for credits for the following Faculty of Education and Arts programs at the Australian Catholic University (ACU):

  • Master of Education
  • Master of Educational Leadership
  • Graduate Certificate in Education
  • Graduate Certificate in Educational Leadership

You will be able to apply for credit for the following units, for work undertaken in the programs once you have completed the program, submitted assessment, and received a final, satisfactory grade for the assessments:

  • EDLE658: Leading Innovation (10CP)
  • One unspecified Elective (10CP).


The granting of the credits is subject to the following conditions:

  1. ACU will require:
    • A certificate of completion of the CLS program
    • A copy of 5,000-word essay that was completed as part of the CLS program
    • The essay is to be marked by ACU staff.
  1. Essays will only be given a grade of Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory using the marking rubric as set out in Assessment Criteria and marking of the essays by ACU staff will attract a fee as set out in Fee Schedule 2023-2025.
  2. Individual students lodging essays with ACU for marking, will be invoiced by ACU. Results will be released on payment of the invoice.
  3. Students who successfully complete the programs will be required to apply for credit once enrolled into an ACU course. Credit will be applied in accordance with ACU regulations, policies and procedures governing credit.
  4. Essays must be submitted to ACU within 18 months of completion of the program.
  5. Essays and all queries regarding the credit process should be forwarded to for courses in the Faculty of Education and Arts.

Assessment Criteria

Evidence of Synthesis of Key Leadership Elements
  • Relevant articles are available in the Resources Tab and in each CLS Session the readings will be completed in preparation for the next session (OMIT: are completed)
  • Self-reflection on leadership articles is insightful and pertinent to course participants’ position and knowledge of leadership actions
Evidence of justification and critical application of theory, content and practice Thoughtful integration of theory and practice reflects deep understanding of participants next steps in their learning and leadership actions taken
Evidence of scholarly presentations, written communication skills, and use of technical academic conventions
  • Written reflections demonstrate higher- order thinking, logical, sequential organization, related research journal articles and reflection on changed classroom practices as a leader
  • Reflective journal submissions use the current APA Style Guide for referencing and bibliography development
Communication of key principles and processes as a leader Leaders who are course participants can clearly articulate the guiding principles of an evidence-proven System and School improvement Framework (Sharratt & Fullan, 2022) and relate how they work and will be implemented in their settings
Reflective Practice Participants design discerning questions in a thoughtful organizer to get feedback and feed forward from colleagues for self-reflection

Fee Schedule 2023-2025

500 or 600 Level Unit

Assessment Length 3500 – 5500

2023 fee – $800

2024 fee – $850

2025 fee – $900

About the Australian Catholic University

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Our mission and values form the core of who we are as a Catholic organisation.

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Our Mission Statement

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Our values

Our university is founded on a long history of commitment to our core values of truth, academic excellence and service. But there are other important values that enhance the ACU experience for students and staff, including equity, diversity, accessibility, wellbeing and sustainability.

Faculty of Education and Arts

Learning is a life-long endeavour and the Faculty of Education and Arts is with you every step of the way.

Whether you’re at the beginning of your learning journey or you’re an experienced professional wanting to focus your leadership skills, our education and arts degrees put your learning into a global context and give you access to teaching experts engaged in the latest research. We focus on practical learning and real-world experience that benefits from strong connections with industry, government and the community.

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