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Welcome to the CLARITY Learning Suite

"We have commenced the Clarity Learning Suite and are incredibly excited to engage collaboratively and interactively. Having lead one session focusing on the 'how' it has enabled me to transfer and apply some of the CLS processes within school meetings and in cooperative learning activities in the classroom."

Melinda Suttor
Cullen Bullen Public School
NSW, Australia

The online Professional Learning within CLARITY Learning Suite is based on Lyn Sharratt's text "CLARITY" (Corwin, 2019). The focus is on building teacher and leader capacity to increase student achievement and growth in an ongoing, sustainable way. Lyn and her team of collaborators - Sue Walsh, Australia, Maggie Ogram, New Zealand, Mike Ogram, New Zealand, Jim Coutts, Canada, developed CLARITY Learning Suite (CLS) for system and school leaders, and for practitioners to personalise their learning.

The CLS team of collaborators has created a powerful on-line professional learning experience that will touch system and school leaders and teachers across the globe.

The CLARITY Learning Suite (CLS):

  • Begins with and continually returns to its foundation: Parameter #1: Shared Beliefs and Understandings - all children can learn, all teachers can teach - given time and the right support; high expectations and early and ongoing intervention are critical; and leaders, teachers and leaders can clearly articulate why they lead, teach, and learn the way they do;
  • Ensures the focus is on students' learning through evidence-proven assessment and instructional approaches. Parameters 3 and 13;
  • Engages learners, teachers and leaders in reflection and data-wise decision-making to put FACES on data and take action (Parameter #6);
  • Provides a scaffolded model of Professional Learning for participants to collaborate and learn together with a nominated "Learning Leader". The CLS notion of "Learning Leaders" is a key feature to build and ensure sustainable leading and learning;
  • Focuses on a culture of learning to create shared responsibility and accountability for students' growth, attainment and wellbeing (Parameter #1#4 #6 #14);
  • Enables participants to work through the CLARITY text on Learning, Teaching and Leading in 12 Modules, each Module having several Sessions. Sessions take approximately 60 minutes to complete and 30 minutes for follow-up personalised learning.
  • Affords educators the opportunity for ongoing Professional Learning within-in groups, across-groups and individually; CLS maximises opportunities for those in small, remote or isolated communities to be involved in collaborative Professional Learning 24/7;
  • Requires participants to make a 12 month commitment to the Professional Learning;
  • Entitles participants to renew CLS Learning Membership for up to 4 years, retaining access to notes, revisiting sessions and maintaining and growing purposeful contacts with others in the Membership Forum. This extended Learning Membership is another measure of CLS' commitment to sustainability of the ongoing learning gained.

What Your Colleagues
Are Saying


"CLARITY provides an explicit, practical model that can be utilized by each layer within a system - system leaders, principals, teachers, and students - to ensure that there is an unrelenting focus on what matters most: student learning."

Tania Leach
Education Consultant, Lecturer
Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia




"The pedagogy contained in 'CLARITY - What matters most in Learning, Teaching and Leading' gave our leadership team clarity, coherence and purpose of our leadership. As a result we are on the journey of integrating the 14 Parameters into our school's practices."


Anthony Noble-Campbell
Beachlands School, New Zealand




"…CLARITY calls upon us to be reflective practitioners who are willing to learn alongside one another while ensuring the needs of each and every one of our students is met."

Kim Newlove
Former Superintendent of Education
Saskatoon Public Schools


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Lyn Sharratt

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Maggie Ogram

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Sue Walsh

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Jim Coutts

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Mike Ogram

Lyn has gathered an amazingly skilled team of collaborators who created CLS based on her texts and work with school leaders across the globe. You will see, hear, and sense the field experience and insights that Lyn, Sue, Maggie, Mike, and Jim bring to the CLARITY team as they have all worked for years in a broad array of roles, and, as leaders, they share a keen desire to see teachers and leaders improve ALL students' achievement by focusing on 'What Matters MOST': sustainability of learning, teaching and leading.


Lyn Sharratt and Michael Fullan published the 14 Parameter Framework of System and School Improvement based on their research cited in multiple journal articles but most noteworthy in their texts "Realization" (Corwin, 2009) and "FACES" (Corwin, 2012).

The Research behind the now refined 14 Parameters of System and School Improvement (CLARITY 2019) is core to the CLARITY Learning Suite and informs the material presented in the Suite.

Online Resources

CLS is an interactive on-line resource for learning, teaching and leading based on collaborative practices with access to all Lyn's resources. The CLS includes videos, presentation slides, Learning Leader Notes, processes for collaboration, templates, articles, and case studies.

A feature of the CLARITY Learning Suite is the voices of current practitioners sharing their insights on improving learning outcomes for all learners. These contributions from practitioners across the world enrich and unify the work of the CLARITY Learning Suite.