CLARITY Learning Suite Group Subscription Prepayment Coupon

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$845-$990 per person for 2 years

This enables you to prepay for Members Subscriptions and have their subscriptions consolidated on your single invoice. If you need to add additional Subscriptions during the year, you can purchase additional prepayments.

Please Note

During checkout, you may choose the option to have the coupon codes sent to the people you have purchased them for. They will be emailed the coupon codes so that when they register they will not need to pay for the membership. Please do not use these coupon codes yourself, your team must all register themselves.

Quantity Discount (%) Price
1 - 5 $990.00
6 - 10 7.07 % $920.00
11 - 20 11.62 % $875.00
21+ 14.65 % $845.00
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